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El Carrascal is the estate where Torrestrella´s fighting bulls and Alvaro Domecq´s horses graze.

History of the lands of La Janda, an area of outstanding agricultural wealth and livestock traditions.

I have the good fortune to live in this beautiful area. Between two seas. Next to Jerez, next to Cadiz. In the shadow of Benalup Casas Viejas.

It is called Andalucía la Baja . Andalusia the beautiful, the lovely.

And there , faraway, the sun shines as bright as a mirror.

There the fighting bulls are raised, the horses dance, the world´s most famous wine is created and you will find the firmest friends.

Land of fragance, colour and flavour. Land of the five senses.

If you want to see it, simply come. If you want to love it, come with me.

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Experience an unforgettable day in the freedom of the Andalusian countryside in the region of La Janda.

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Use of a mask during the visit

Hydroalcholic gel available

Minimum distance guaranteed

“Spain is not a cliché. Spain is a reality as difficult to grasp as the air you breathe. Spain is a word and a mystery.

She gives herself up to you and she´s gone.

Spain. Though you may have seen her a thousand times, you still won´t know her. As she is , Deep inside.

Therefore allow me, my friend, to be your host in pure Spain. Andalusian, warm and serene.

My land, where I learned to listen before I could speak, to ride before I could walk, to say “pony” before I could say ” I am”.

Horses, you should know, are my life. Bulls, my fancy. Bodegas, my blood. And the land my freedom.

Allow me, my friend, at last, to invite you to my home. To share it, to talk about the sun and the earth, the air and of the grace in the ring.

Let me show you, in these pages, what my world is like. And forgive me if, for a few moments, I feel like a poet when I talk about my horses, a philosopher when I talk about the earth and proud when I tell you what I feel.

This is your house, my farm, my inner world.”

Álvaro Domecq Romero